The Many Types of Commercials

There are many types of commercials – each with its own format, length, and style. These include traditional media like television, radio, and print; digital media like social media, mobile, and video; and out-of-home advertising like billboards and transit ads. Different formats exist for each type of medium because of the uniqueness of each platform, audience, and objective. For example, TV commercials tend to be longer than digital ads. They often use live action to showcase products and services in a way that resonates with the viewer. They can also incorporate a story to connect the viewer with the product or service.

These productions tend to focus on a problem and then showcase how the product or service will solve it. Detergent brands and shampoo companies are big users of this technique, as are service companies such as mobile phone providers. These commercials also use a personification of the problem to help the viewer identify with it and then introduce the solution. For example, the Lynx commercials that showcase how their deodorant makes men smell great despite their sweaty or greasy skin.

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Spokesperson spots usually use a celebrity or well-known actor to promote the product. They can be long or short and are often portrayed with an attitude or a personality that the viewers can relate to. These productions can be particularly effective if the speaker is someone that the audience knows, trusts and has a relationship with. Think of people like Jake from State Farm, Flo from Progressive Insurance or the guy in the Mucinex commercials that personifies feeling stuffy.

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