How to Find a Reputable Online Debt Collection Agency

online debt collection agency

A debt collection agency works incassobureau de graaf to collect money that someone owes. It might call, text or email people to get payment. It might also send the debt to a credit bureau, which can damage your credit score. It’s important to find a reputable debt collection agency. They’ll follow state and federal laws and not harass people. They should be licensed in your state and a member of ACA International or the Better Business Bureau. Look for one that has a customer service phone number and an online portal for clients.

Choosing the Right Online Debt Collection Agency: A Step-by-Step Guide

The rules for debt collectors vary by state, but most don’t allow them to harass you or lie to you. They’ll give you 30 days to dispute the debt and should provide a name and address of the original creditor if you request it. They also won’t try to trick you into paying a debt by pretending to be law enforcement or other people to make you pay.

You can check a debt collection agency’s reputation with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau or your state attorney general. You can also ask a debt collector for their name, company name and street address before you give them any information. If they say they can’t give you those details, it could be a scam.

You can use an online tool to compare debt collection agencies’ commission rates and their success rate at recovering debt. Many small business owners recommend checking whether a collection agency uses multiple trading names. If it does, that can confuse people and may lead to more than one debt collection agency contacting you for the same debt.

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