Bariatric Protein

bariatric protein powder


Bariatric whey protein is an essential nutrient that must be consumed in adequate amounts in order to promote the healing of bariatric surgeries, weight loss, and overall health. The American Society for Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery recommends that patients consume 60 grams of protein per day, and protein shakes are a great way to achieve this.

Protein Powder for Gastric Sleeve and Bypass Diets

During the initial days and weeks after your surgery, you may not be able to eat any solid food at all, which means that most of your nutritional needs will come from supplements and protein shakes. These are especially important after bariatric surgery because they provide the necessary protein needed to keep the body functioning well and allowing for proper weight loss.

For this reason, it is critical that you select the best bariatric protein powder. Fortunately, there are many options to choose from that have been specially designed for patients who need extra protein and calories.

Avoiding Protein Deficiencies with Bariatric Protein Powder

The best protein powder for bariatric patients is one that is free from a lot of ingredients that may cause digestive problems. You want to look for a protein isolate that is made from only a few high quality ingredients, has minimal calories, and has a good amino acid profile.

Opportuniteas Grass Fed Whey Isolate

This protein powder is free of dairy and gluten, so it’s a great choice for people with celiac disease or other special diets. It also has no added sugar or calories, which helps to keep you feeling full longer and prevents dumping syndrome. You can even mix it into your favorite water or hot beverages to enjoy a quick, easy, and delicious way to boost your protein intake.

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