How to Keep Up With Diesel Generator Maintenance

A diesel generator maintenance is a long-lasting piece of equipment that can serve as your main source of standby power. However, it will need regular maintenance to maintain its durability and performance in order to ensure peak operation.

What stops a generator from working?

Keeping up with your diesel generator’s maintenance will help to prevent unexpected breakdowns and reduce downtime. Scheduled service can also help to increase efficiency by allowing adjustments to be made during the maintenance process to keep your generator running efficiently for longer periods of time and with less fuel usage.

Oil Levels & Coolant Leaks

Checking your diesel generator’s oil and coolant levels is important to maintaining its performance, as they work together to prevent heat build-up. Low oil or coolant levels can indicate a problem with the engine or cooling system that needs immediate attention.

Clean the Muffler, Manifold & Exhaust Pipe

The muffler and exhaust pipes of your diesel generator need to be cleaned regularly to avoid clogging and resulting performance issues. They should be inspected for leaks as well, especially in the gaskets and welds that connect them.

Change the Oil & Filter Intervals

If your diesel generator uses an oil filter, it is vital to replace them at regular intervals to keep them free of sludge and dirt. Make sure to follow the API oil classification and viscosity requirements from the manufacturer’s instructions when changing the filters.

Clogged Fuel Lines / Oxidation Conclusion: Old fuel can degrade and become dirty over time, causing oxidation that can lead to clogged lines. A fuel quality management program can help to eliminate oxidation and prolong the life of your diesel generator by maintaining clean and fresh fuel in its tank.

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