Heavy Duty Casters

heavy duty casters

When it comes to moving heavy objects and materials, you need the right hardware. Thankfully, there are many options to choose from that can help you get the job done. Learn more castercity.com

The best casters are designed for the object you need to move and can handle its weight. These casters also come with different types of wheels and mounting options to suit the specific needs of your load.

Material Types

Some casters are made from soft material such as rubber or polyurethane which will not damage flooring. On the other hand, some are made from hard materials such as cast iron and forged steel which can be very sturdy.

How to Determine the Ideal Size of Heavy Duty Casters for Your Equipment

The first thing to consider when determining the right casters is the size of the wheel. Bigger wheels are easier to roll and will cover more ground in a single turn. However, you may want to avoid a large wheel if your load or object is tall as it could cause it to become too high and tip over.

Stem Casters

A stem caster is a caster that has a wheel inside of a hollow frame. This type is often used in mobile workstations and carts that need to be moved around.

Kingpin Casters

These casters feature a central kingpin that holds swivel raceways and ball bearings together. This design works for light- to medium-duty applications and is typically appropriate in applications that do not require shock absorbency, such as towline carts and AGV systems.

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