Different Types of Playground Surfacing

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We offer a variety of different playground surfacing areas for parks, schools, nurseries and other outdoor facilities. The right choice depends on your design, cost and maintenance preferences. In general, we recommend high-quality surfacing that is safe and durable, as a minor fall can lead to serious injury. We offer a range of impact absorbing surfaces, including wet pour, bonded mulch and rubber tiles.

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Wet pour surfacing is an impact absorbing surface that can be installed in a variety of depths, depending on the CFH (Critical Fall Height) of the play equipment. This surface is usually comprised of two layers. The top layer is made of EPDM rubber crumb recycled from discarded car tires and is mixed with a PU polyurethane binder, and the base layer is made of bound SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber) granules. This material is extremely durable and low-maintenance, but it doesn’t last forever, so it may require a complete resurfacing after about 10 years.

Bonded Mulch

A bonded rubber mulch flooring is an alternative to wet pour surfacing, but it has similar impact absorbing properties. This material is made of shredded, recycled rubber and is available in a variety of colors and styles. It is typically used around natural-themed play areas and has a rustic appearance that matches well with wood features. It can be cleaned using a light power wash or brushing with a stiff broom, and it is easy to maintain throughout the year.

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