Bespoke Home Cinemas

bespoke home cinemas

With HD technology, on-demand streaming services, and amazing soundscapes; the silver screen has shifted from the cinema to the home. This has seen homeowners building bespoke media rooms and full-blown home cinemas for movie nights with friends and family.

Bespoke home cinemas can take many forms from a simple dedicated space with comfy sofas to sink into to luxurious reclining seating. They can also include more advanced acoustic design to improve the listening experience, specialist cinema screens, and specialized lighting. Some home cinema enthusiasts even go as far as to create a mini cinema in their house with movie posters, concessions and popcorn!

Crafting Your Dream Escape: The Art of Bespoke Home Cinemas

The homeowner of this bespoke cinema was delighted with the crisp and lifelike picture quality offered by Sony’s premium VPL-VW760ES laser projector. This was integrated into a wider solution that included Marantz amplification, a Kaleidescape media server and Control4 automation. In front of the screen, four luxury Cinemaak cinema chairs were installed for comfort and an immersive experience, while at the rear of the room a pair of double chaise longues are used to add a sense of grandeur. The lighting in the room is a real showstopper too, with custom lights mimicking the look of stars on a clear night sky when activated by a light sabre effect.

Acoustic Pixel are one of the few UK installers who are certified in THX home cinema installation, started by George Lucas (Director of Star Wars). This is an accreditation that ensures the system is installed to the highest standards and provides a true cinematic experience. When combined with their world first 8K e-Shift projector and high-performance in wall home cinema speakers the results are truly breath taking.

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